the ask

Formulating/Cultivating an ASK (a modified VPA).  The general idea behind this is to ASK for what you want, to put it in writing, say it out-loud, love it up and share it.  Once you’ve thrown it out to the universe, you never know what could happen . . .

My Ask

What I seek: Work teaching yoga, a few times per week.  Three classes a week would be great for now.  I understand that that’s a bit much for the first ask (in honor of incremental change and my impending move *see below).  Right now, I’m subbing for my wonderful teacher Michelle (and loving it), twice per week, but that ends at the end of February when she comes back from ‘recess!’.  It would be wonderful if some teaching opportunities to presented themselves after this month (you know, like, if they fell right into my lap!); three times per week? two times? anything?  I’m asking.  I’m here.  I’m ready.  I’m smiling.

But! (always one of those) there are conditions I need to be specific and honest about:

One is that I want to teach at It’s All Yoga, or someplace totally like it (that I have yet to find).  What can I say? IAY is super unique and wonderful.  I’m spoiled.  I have done some looking around by the way – and no where else ‘jives with my vibe’ thus far.  But I can keep looking.

*The other (challenge/obstacle) is the fact that I’ll probably be moving Mid-June.  More than likely.  So, in all honesty – I understand that it’s not really fair to ask for more than a couple teaching opportunities a week – that way my people don’t have to find a bunch of new teachers for the classes at the end of 4 months.  Offering up that truth is part of my asking; don’t want the universe to be mislead here.

How this could happen:

I could ask?  Be ready?  Be available?

I could look into other studios around town and “whore myself” (as my friend T says), but I don’t want to go there just yet.  I’m not desperate, I’m just ready, slow and patient.

What I can do:

Let it happen.  Keep looking.  Be open.  Smile.

If/when it happens; honor it and love it.

Be grateful for the opportunities I’ve already had, and the ones yet to come.


2 responses to “the ask

  1. I’m totally looking forward to taking your class on Sunday morning. Please go easy on me. I’ll be the one resting. =)

  2. Oh Tams, we do need to talk . . . we’re going to be doing some things you don’t love tomorrow – but not much! Rev. plank, and side planks – you can skip or modify! I love you! I’m sorry!!


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